• Karbala

Karbala Najaf

  • Destination: ,
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Departs: 23/12/2017
  • Arrives: 01/01/2018
  • Price: Rs.64,999

This is an ‘All Inclusive’ package, it covers charges like; Airfares, Visas, Faiz lawazim, Accommodation, Transportation, Taxes and Surcharges.
The entire tour will be escorted by an experienced group leader, who will take care of all payments & miscellaneous expenses throughout the journey.
Except accommodation, all features of the tour remain the same for all categories. The Package is categorized into three options, viz. Economy, Deluxe or Faiz & Luxury Accommodation.
* Please Note: Niyaz Jaman, Ziyarat & Accommodation are all taken care by Faize Husaini Karbala/Najaf. Even Hotel Accommodation is done as per Faiz Standards & Recommendation.
*All Fares and Charges mentioned in this Package are Ex.Mumbai (India), for any other departure options please request a quote.

Najaf e Ashraf

Amir ul Mumineen Molana Ali (A.S), Al Masjid ul Azam (Kufa), Molana Saleh (A.S), Molana Hood (A.S), Muslim bin Aqeel (R.A), Hani bin Urwah (R.A), Maisam u Tammar (R.A), Kumail bin Ziyaad (R.A) & Moze Hannanah.

Karbala Moalla

Syed us Shohada Imam Husain (A.S), Molana Abbas (A.S), Molana Ali Akbar (A.S), Molana Ali Asger (A.S), Molana Habeeb bin Mazahir (R.A), Shohada e Karbala, Molana Hurr (A.S), Khaimah Gaah, Zainab (A.S) Tekri, Imam Jafer us Sadiq (A.S) Wari.

Freebie Freebies: Elegant Travel Bag and Salaam Hafti.

Deluxe Package 10 Days (Ex.Mumbai)  Passenger Price INR.
Accommodation at Faize Husaini or Premium Hotels Near faiz* Faiz Accommodation Subject to Availability. Adult Rs.64,999/-
Child with Bed Rs.58,999/-
Child W/O Bed Rs.53,000/-
Infant Rs.17,000/-


Deluxe Package 7 Days (Ex.Mumbai)  Passenger Price INR.
Accommodation at Faize Husaini or Premium Hotel Near Faiz* Faiz Accommodation Subject to Availability. Adult Rs.57,999/-
Child with Bed Rs.51,999/-
Child W/O Bed Rs.47,999/-
Infant Rs.17,000/-