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We are Authorised by Dawat e Hadiyah – Sigatul Mazaraatil Muqaddasah for Organizing Ziyarat tours to all Atabaat Aaliyah for Mumineen around the world.

Serving as a reliable ziyarat tour organizer, till date we have succeeded in achieving hundreds of  blessings and dua from all our zuwaar passengers. We organize Ziyarat tours to Karbala, Najaf, Makkah, Madina, Misr, Shaam, Amman, Baitul Muqaddas, Yemen & London.

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Holiday Packages

We have a variety of exclusive holiday getaways around the world. Be it snow covered peaks of the Himalayas or a shopping fiesta at Dubai or a fun-filled journey to Egypt, you name it and we have it.

Families, friends & corporates…. we have a suitable holiday package for all. Catering to more than a thousand customers every year we have mastered the art of creating smiles by designing the best holiday packages around the world. You may choose from one of our listed packages or request a quote for tailor-made packages as per your requirements.

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Holiday packages

Educational/Excursion Tours

We have been a favorite choice for many Educational Institutes, Schools, Colleges & Adventure lovers when it comes to ‘touring for learning’. Every year we successfully organize custom-made packages for a number of reputed learning organisations around the world.

Keeping in mind the importance of Expedition & Exploration for the young learner, we organize excursion packages that come packed with a bunch of learning experiences. Camping, hiking, trekking, skiing, etc. are just a few ways of making your journey an Adventure.

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Airline Tickets

With more than 100,000 registered commercial flights flying each day around the world, its hard to find a good carrier to meet your needs. But the good news for you is that we are around. Just let us know your destination and we will bring you the best options to choose from.

Ranging from Low Cost Carriers to the Super Luxurious Airlines around the world, we can book an Air ticket for you in just a couple of minutes. You may be a frequent flyer or a first timer, just let us know your requirements and we will get back to you with the best fares in just a few seconds.

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Hotel Reservations

” A Good Traveler needs a good place to rest “, a home away from home or just a pillow & bed is your choice of stay, and we have it all. Our basket of hotels include all sorts of accommodations ranging from the Super Luxurious hotels to the simply economical B&B’s.

Book over 350,000 hotels around the world, with us. We have best hotels and accommodations available at almost every city in the world. With instant confirmation and online booking you can rest assured for a comfortable stay throughout your journey. Call or email us your requirements and we shall bring you the best hotels at lowest rates.

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Travel Experts

Mr.Husain Shakir
Husain Shakir

Graduated at Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Passionate about Travel & Excited about Adventure. Designer, Master Planner and founder @ babjitravels.com

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Taher Esmail

Perfectionist, Optimist & Hardworking. Taher Esmail is also known as “Mr.Go-Getter”. Graduated at Mumbai University, Specializing in Business and Finance management.

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Why Choose Us

Valid Misaal Sharif from Dawat e Hadiyah ☛
We have Valid Misaal Sharif of Raza Mubarak issued by Sigatul Mazaraat il Muqaddassah (Al Vazarat us Saifiyah) permitting us to organize ziyarat tours for Mumineen around the world.
★ Experienced Group Leaders & Escorts
Our team of experienced  Group Leaders & Escorts make sure each and every passenger receives the best services and utmost care throughout the tour.
$$ Best Services - Best Price $$
In order to give you the ‘BEST PRICE’ we squeeze our profits to the minimum and sometimes nil, but we still make sure that our QUALITY & SERVICES are not affected in anyway.
Everything under one Roof
We are not just travel agents, in fact we provide Solutions for Travel & Tourism. Air, Rail, Bus, Car, Visa, Holiday, Ziyarat, Excursion, Educational, Corporate….. we have all solutions for travel.
Tailor-made & Customized Packages
Book a tour designed by us or ‘make it as you like it’. Choose your own choices of Destinations, Hotels and Mode of Travel for just the same price.
Lowest commission on Air Tickets
We book International & Domestic Air tickets at a very low commission, almost nothing.
Wide Network of Agents & Franchises ❢
With our base in Mumbai, we have numerous other Agents, Franchises and Partners in different parts of India & Abroad.
Money Back Guarantee ✓
In case you aren’t happy with our arrangements or we don’t meet up your expectations, then we are ready to PAY YOU BACK. But believe us, we haven’t disappointed our customers till date.

Misaal Sharif

Raza Misaal