• Al Aqsa mosque

Baitul Muqaddas, Misr & Amman.

The ‘Golden Triangle Tour’ – Amman, Baitul Muqaddas & Misr. Visit three Countries i.e. Jordan, Israel & Egypt in just a matter of 11 days and get blessed with the Ziyarat of Anbiya Kiraam (A.S) , Rasul Husain (A.S) and Molana Jafer u Tayyar (A.S). Along with other Atabaat Aaliya and Maqamaat Muqaddasah.
The entire tour will be escorted by an experienced Group leader who will look after you & take care of all payments and miscellaneous expenses throughout the tour. All Ziyarat, food and accommodation will be taken care by Faiz authorities.
For this amazing package we have a Special Price Tag this season:


Molana Jafar at tayyar (A.S), Zaid bin Harisah (R.A), Abdullah bin Rawaha (R.A), Battle field of Mutah.

Al Quds
Baitul Muqaddas

Masjid e Aqsa, Ibrahim Nabi (A.S), Moosa Nabi (A.S), Easa Nabi (A.S), Dawood Nabi (A.S), Sulaiman Nabi (A.S), Shamoil Nabi (A.S), Emran Nabi (A.S), Uzair Nabi (A.S), Yaqoob Nabi (A.S), Yusuf Nabi (A.S), Yunus Nabi (A.S), Ishaq Nabi (A.S), Molana Hashim (A.S) and many more Atabaat Aaliya.

Al Qahera

Rasul Husain (A.S), Molatena Zainab (A.S), Molatena Nafisa (A.S), Molatena Ruqaiyya (A.S), Bab el Mukhallafat, Molana Malek ul Ashtar (R.A), Jame Anwar, Jame Aqmar, Jame Azhar, Jame Juyushi, Jame Lulu, Jame Ibne Tuloon, Jame Ateeq and many more Mashahid and Ziyarat in and around Cairo.

Freebie Freebies: Elegant Travel Bag and Salaam Hafti.

Amman – Baitul Muqaddas – Misr  Passenger Price INR.
  • Amman – 4*Star Hotel (2 Days)
  • Baitul Muqaddas – Faiz Hotel (4 Days)
  • Misr – Faize Haakimi (5 days)
Adult Rs.1,10,000/-
Child Rs.85,000/-
Infant Rs.35,000/-

*No Hidden Costs / Charges.