• Jame Al Anwar
  • Jame Anwar


  • Destination: ,
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Departs: 26/04/2015
  • Arrives: 30/04/2015
  • Price: Rs.54,999

Al Moiziyat ul Qahera, present day Cairo is the Capital of Egypt and a popular tourist attraction in the Middle East. Also associated to one of the oldest civilizations of mankind, this Majestic city was founded and built by Imam Moiz (A.S). And thereafter remained the capital of Fatimid Dynasty.
The city of Cairo is blessed by Rasul Husain (A.S) which was brought here from Askalan during the reign of Imam Moiz (A.S). It is also an exhibition of Fatemi Art and Architecture that is prominent in Jawame and Masajid like Jame Anwar & Jame Azhar.
Along with all ziyarat and visits to the Jawame Fatimiyah, this package also includes Sight Seeing of the Pyramids of Giza, River Nile, Khan el Khalili, Citadel etc.
*Please note: All Fares and Charges mentioned in this Package are Ex.Mumbai (India), for any other departure options please request a quote.

Al Qahera

Rasul Husain (A.S), Molatena Zainab (A.S), Molatena Nafisa (A.S), Molatena Ruqaiyya (A.S), Bab el Mukhallafat, Molana Malek ul Ashtar (R.A), Jame Anwar, Jame Aqmar, Jame Azhar, Jame Juyushi, Jame Lulu, Jame Ibne Tuloon, Jame Ateeq and many more Mashahid and Ziyarat in and around Cairo.

Accomodation Aug – March April – July
  • Al Qahera (Cairo) – Faize Haakimi
Adult Rs.53,000/- Rs.54,999/-
Child Rs.43,999/- Rs.46,999/-


Faize Haakimi is a world class accommodation facility, owned and managed by Dawat e Hadiyah. Situated in the heart of Cairo, Faize Haakimi is a wonderful place to stay. It complies with 4*Star Hotel rating standards and indeed excels in services and facilities offered by any of its counterpart in Cairo.

*Faiz Accommodation subject to availability.

*No Hidden Costs / Charges.