• Baitullah

Umrah & Yemen

  • Destination: , ,
  • Duration: 22 days
  • Departs: 31/12/2014
  • Price: Rs.95,999

Specially designed for the Dawoodi Bohra Community, this package offers 2 Umrah and all Ziyarat in Makkah, Madina and Yemen. Package cost includes everything viz. Airfares (Ex.Mumbai Intl. Airport), Visas, Faiz Lawazim, Accomodation, Transportation, Taxes & Surcharges.
Accommodation, Transportation and Food, are managed and organised by Faiz authorities at all destinations in this tour.

*Please note: All Fares and Charges mentioned in this Package are Ex.Mumbai (India), for any other departure options please request a quote.

Makkatul Mukarramah

Baitullah il Haraam, Arafah, Jabal un Noor, Gaare hira, Jannat ul  Ma’la, Jabal u Tur, Gadeer e Khum, Mina, Muzdalefah and other Mashahid in and around Makkah.

Al Madinatul Munavvarah

Ziyarat of Rasulullah (s.a.w), Molatena Fatema (a.s), Jannatul Baqi, Masjid un Nabi (s.a.w), Jabal e Ohod, and many other Masajid and Mashahid in and around Madina Munavvarah.


Hutaib (Syedna Hatim R.A.), Zi-Jibla (Molatona Hurratul Maleka R.A.), Shibaam, Shareqa, Zabeed, Sana’a, Zimarmar, Gail bani Hamid, Taiba and all other Ziyarat places that are accessible in Yemen.

Accomodation Jan – March April – July
  • Makkah & Madina – Faiz e Hashemi (12 Days)
  • Yemen – Faize Hatemi (8 Days)
Adult Rs.95,999/- Rs.96,999/-
Child Rs.82,999/- Rs.85,999/-

*Faiz Accommodation subject to availability.

*No Hidden Costs / Charges.